Global Air Freight Solutions

Air freight and Air cargo services are almost always used to fulfill an urgent need. Size is a consideration, but if there is a suitable budget, then it is a secondary concern. There exist truly massive cargo planes and if one has the need and the money, they can be used to ship your cargo. Most usually the shipping of very large cargoes is adequately planned and ships by sea freight. Thus, typically what ships by air are high-value goods and highly needed or urgent goods ship by air. From 100 kg to 10 tons, this is the most usual weight range for air cargo. However, if you need to ship air cargo that is much larger, it is probably possible. But it will cost. Cargo Master Inc ships air freight all over the world. We air freight to Europe, Africa, South America, Asia, and the Middle East. We also ship to a number of countries too numerous to name. We ship large skids and very heavy loads crates. We also ship smaller cargoes, such as pallets, boxes and small crates by air.

Efficient Air Cargo Handling

We handle rate negotiation between passenger airlines and air cargo airlines, and work with the air carriers to do as much as possible for the cargo to deliver promptly, reliably, and safely. We work on very tight schedules with an eye to cost efficiency to make sure your cargo is airfreighted to the destination as fast and as cheaply as possible. The only limitation for us is whether the cargo fits onto the airplane’s deck and if there is a plane ready to take the air freight. If you want to airfreight from China to the USA, contact us. If you need an airfreight specialist, contact us. If you need air freight to any destination, give us a call.

Diverse Applications of Air Cargo

Air Cargo Services Can Be Used for A Variety of Purposes, Including Commercial cargo transportation for businesses, e-commerce for transporting goods sold online, humanitarian aid to transport emergency relief supplies, and personal effects for moving to a new country. Air cargo services typically operate on a hub-and-spoke model, with cargo being consolidated at major airports and then transported to the final destination. This mode of transport is subject to a range of regulations, including security and safety measures, customs procedures, and compliance with environmental standards.

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Express Hand-Carry Service for Urgent Deliveries

Cargo Master offers a personal hand-carry service for extraordinarily urgent air freight needs. This meticulous service is ideal for smaller packages, ensuring door-to-door delivery even in locations outside of the USA. Our service is tailored for industries like automotive, pharmaceutical, energy, and medical, providing an express critical solution for time-sensitive shipments. Whether it’s dispatching medicines domestically, shipping urgent parts to a rig-down situation, or delivering essential components across continents, our unique shipment offering helps customers overcome urgent challenges.

Rapid Response for Time-Critical Situations

Our ‘white glove’ hand-carry services are dynamic, professional, and just a call away. We can mobilize hand-carry services within hours, specializing in solving time-critical problems. For rapid assistance and a fast rate quote, contact us at (281) 241-7765. We are dedicated to providing swift solutions for your urgent shipping needs.

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Exclusive Courier and Small Package Services

Texas International Freight offers deeply discounted courier and small package delivery services, exclusive and not available to the general public. We specialize in hand-delivering urgent shipments and continually monitor your account to ensure timely courier delivery. Our service is ideal for small shipments, packages, and materials, providing a seamless and efficient delivery process.

Global Customs Clearance and Delivery

With agents at major airports worldwide, we handle customs clearance and final delivery of your cargo. Our agents are equipped to clear your cargo at its destination and ensure it is delivered directly to the end address. We also offer additional services like air insurance and export crating for air shipments as needed, ensuring a comprehensive and hassle-free shipping experience.

End-to-End Air Cargo Management

From pick-up to export packing and completing governmental export filings, Texas International Freight manages the entire shipping process. We offer door-to-door air cargo services from your location to your customer’s site, prioritizing cost-efficiency and promptness. We view our customers’ air cargo with utmost importance and maintain the highest standards of service and professionalism.

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